Homesteading 101: 3 Reasons To Choose Heritage Hogs Over Commercial Hogs

  • This May Be the Best Choice for Homesteaders!

    Many homesteaders choose to raise their own livestock, including hogs, to provide food for their family. There are several advantages to this, including knowing exactly how your meat is raised and processed, and potentially saving money. However, not everyone thinks about the many different types of hogs available and the pros and cons of each one. In fact, they may very well think a hog is a hog and there's really no difference.

    Well, that couldn't be further from the truth! In fact, while many people automatically choose commercial hogs, there are several alternatives that are considerably better choices. Our favorite happens to be the heritage hog, which is growing in popularity and becoming the hog of choice for many homesteaders and farmers. A heritage hog is a breed that's been raised since colonial times, and if they've lasted that long there's a good reason! If you've never heard of heritage hogs, or you need some convincing as to why they're the better choice, we have three reasons that will make you want to switch immediately!

    To learn why you should be raising heritage hogs instead of commercial hogs, please continue to Page (2) for our top three reasons.

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    1. Michelle Evans said:

      Ohh my goodness no dont.
      A hog like this will and has killed lot of people.
      There’s a lot of information on this .
      They grow huge tusks and they rutt bad .
      Have you ever seen old yellow. They are just like them .really. there’s a reason for so called commercial pigs .
      These are hogs .
      Commercial pigs are pigs .