Here Are 5 Lawn Alternatives Just As Beautiful As Grass

  • Spring provides the perfect weather oasis for our plants to reach their full potential. During the transition from winter to spring, our yard goes from looking dull and lifeless to healthy and lush all thanks to some warm weather and rays of sunshine. Our personalities and attitudes seem to make a positive change, too.

    However, springtime also means that we have a couple of new issues to deal with: allergies and yard maintenance. For those of us that have allergies, we know it's difficult to enjoy all that spring has to offer when we're too busy sneezing, wiping our noses and battling itchy eyes. Mowing is another must-have chore during the spring. Our yards need some TLC to stay in shape and it's our responsibility to provide it. Luckily, there are grass alternatives that we can turn to when we're sick of taking Claritin everyday and tired of using our weekend mornings to mow the lawn. These alternatives are just as beautiful as grass, if not more so.

    Keep reading to take a look at 5 grass substitutes for your yard this spring and summer!

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