Have a Lemon? Here’s How to Naturally Clean a Microwave With It

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  • Springtime is here! While that means that pool parties and beach days are on our minds, it also means spring cleaning is back on our to-do list. Most of us procrastinate and make ourselves so busy that we can't possibly have the time to deep clean our entire home. No one blames you, either. Even if you have a smaller home with only a few rooms, cleaning can turn into an exhausting and frustrating chore, especially when you notice that the products you're using aren't doing the job.

    If that sounds that your typical spring cleaning experience, you should head to your kitchen and find a lemon. It's about to get easier! Lemon is a natural cleaning agent so it works well without giving off toxic fumes that bring on headaches. Luckily, it's proven particularly effective when cleaning the microwave. All it takes is a few simple steps!

    Continue on to see how to naturally clean your microwave using lemon!

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