Grandma Survives 5 Days Trapped In Car At Bottom Of Embankment

  • Talk about a horrible ending to a vacation.

    After spending a wonderful time at her vacation home in North Cove Washington Sharon Learning was traveling back home to Rochester when the unthinkable happened. She began to have a medical emergency while driving.

    While we all say we can prepare for the worst what will we do when the worst actually occurs?

    As Sharon was driving she began to feel dizzy, sleepy and the side of her face began to drag down. All signs that she needed medical assistance A.S.A.P.  yet there was no one around on the remote road.

    “She knew that she was in trouble,” her daughter said of her mom's thoughts before the car drove off Highway 12 and 30 feet down into the embankment.

    The worst part was that since she was not expected home for another few days her family did not think twice about her absence.

    Let's take a look at how she survived, how she was found and what you can do if you're ever placed in her position.

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