Giant Chicken Freaks Out Internet and I Can See Why

  • As a kid, my great uncle who lived just down the street from us had a chicken. He actually had many of them but this one chicken, this demon spawn of evil seemed to hate people in general. If anyone would try and come around he would chase after them and peck at their feet. Needless to say to a 6-year-old this was quite terrifying!

    Fast forward to 2017. Same 6 year old only now a few years older opened the internet to check email only to find they have been tagged in a video of what can only be described as the SUPER VILLIAN of chickens. Seriously this thing is beyond anything normal and needless to say the internet is freaking out about it.

    Check out this one reaction:

    If you haven't seen this video yet, or know how big chickens can actually get, then be warned you are about to find out!

    For me, this is the stuff of nightmares…..


    Check out some of these reactions:

    While many speculated that this chicken was a fake it has been confirmed that it is, in fact real. Apparently, some chickens can get up to around 18-20 pounds.

    Thankfully my Great Uncle's chicken was only about 1/3 of this size or else I may have needed a lifetime of therapy!

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    1. Michelle Dahl said:

      It was determined that these chickens are real and are most likely Brahma breed.

    2. Marcianna Elliott said:

      My grandfather had a chicken as big as his turkey & goose. They were afraid of him, just like us kids. Lol

    3. Susan Starr said:

      Abrahams are on the endangered watch list. I have 3 hens they weigh about 10 pounds. Gentle giants

    4. Pepper Gerard said:

      I bought a straight run of large breed chickens years ago. Got some of brahams, aracauanas, Rhode island reds, yellow buffs and one turkin. I also accidentally got someone else’s order of Cornish rock chickens. Btw, they lay 3 yolk eggs and mature extremely fast. I ended up with over 100 chicks. It was insane. Gave several away.

    5. Tomara MacKay said:

      Except the video is zoomed in so it looks bigger then it is. Pay attention to the size compared to the two litre bottle.