Follow This Process To Tan Leather Like Our Ancestors

  • We see leather used in many ways: in cars, as clothing, as furniture and for many other various products. If you live on a homestead or are a survivalist, then you may view leather in a different way. You know how valuable it is as shelter, gear for horses or as homemade clothing.

    A part of living off-grid is making sure you get the most out of what you have. Sometimes, that means channeling your creativity while other times that means following a certain process to make a useable end product. The ability to tan leather ensures that you're using the entire animal. You can even sell your tanned leather or leather products as an additional source of income.

    Continue on to learn how to properly tan leather!

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    1. Patrick Robison said:

      s**t article. way to much time involved making their solution. scrape excess membrane from hide careful not to tear a whole in hide. streck hide to and tack to board. cover in salt to pull moisture from hide. Make solution of the animals brain and water(every animals brain is enough to tan its own hide) from here wash amd ring while streching. Dry and smoke hide to desired color

    2. Marci Elliott said:

      Had a neighbor who was going to teach me,but passed away last year, hoping to find another.