DIY Atenna That Will Extend Range And Increase Communication

  • Any hunter, outdoorsman, DIY'er, homesteader or survivalist knows that being way out in the middle of nowhere is something to be enjoyed. The quiet solitude of nature is soothing and a great relief from the stresses of the modern world. There are times however that you need to communicate with people, even if those people are only a select few and guess what, there's no signal.

    It's super annoying having to walk around trying to find just the right spot to get a signal and if you are hunting the last thing you want to do is hop out of the stand and leave the hunt just to find a signal.

    So what we have done is fixed that problem for you. We have compiled instructions on the next page so that you can create your own Antenna that will extend the range of your electronic device keeping you in contact with those you want to stay in contact with.

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