Disconnecting for good. How to wipe away the digital footprint

  • In today's turbulent times, many people are seeking out ways that they can disconnect themselves from an ever-increasing system of interconnectivity. The idea that we are connected to a machine whether it's our cell phones, our computers, our watches or our fit bits is slightly disconcerting.

    Many have decided that they have had enough. They are tired of being connected and feeling like they are hackable at any given moment in time. So in an effort to alleviate this worry they are disconnecting, going off the grid and attempting to wipe their digital footprint from the face of the earth.

    We know how important this is to you. We know that you want to live the life that you choose so we have compiled for you a list of tips and tricks that can help you disconnect and wipe your digital footprint off for good.

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    1. Steven Lowe said:

      You can’t, but you can make such a confusing mess of it that all Intel on you is useless…

    2. Adam Priest said:

      And those things are just a very basic things there are a lot more ways and things to lose your footprint