Construct a Reliable Water Storage System for Just $150

  • This Old-School Method Is Still Relevant Today

    If you're transitioning to an off-the-grid lifestyle, having a safe, reliable and clean way to store water is essential. You need it not only for basic cooking and cleaning but also for growing and maintaining your crops and cultivating your land. In fact, without a reliable and safe water supply, it's virtually impossible to be self-sufficient! Plus, you never know when there might be a drought or when a SHTF moment might cause a water shortage, so having your own backup supply you can count on is crucial.

    There are many ways to do this, but one of our favorites is using a ferrocement water storage method. This method uses tanks made of cement and mortar and reinforced with wire. It's long been used for both water and grain storage, and has several advantages, including durability and the ability to store large amounts of water.

    To learn what you need to construct your very own ferrocement water storage system, please continue to Page (2) for the instructions.

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    1. Sarah Eveland said:

      I personally would not use Quickrete. It has a tendancy to flake & crack as it sets. Plus it says you have to take specific training which, in itself, takes several days. There is no mention of where the classes are or how much it costs for the classes. This information would be helpful for those who are interested in this type of containment.