Check Out This 8 Pound Canoe Build

  • One of the attractive things about DIY projects is that it allows us to combine different passions of ours. People may think that DIYs are reserved for more creative and crafty projects with the end product belonging indoors. However, there are an infinite number of DIYs that allow us to create something that can be used outdoors and/or in a survival situation.

    For example, this 8-pound canoe can be built in your own backyard and combines survival with craftsmanship. It's a great mode of transportation if you live on a piece of property with water or a river. It doesn't come with a high price tag, which suits homestead life well, and it allows you to fish for your own food.

    Let's take a look at how we can make our own 8-pound canoe!

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    1. George Kolankowski said:

      How to get wet in an 8 lb. canoe in 2 steps ….(1) Get in….(2) start paddling…. would’nt be long now…lol .