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5 Must Have’s That All Professional Cleaners Swear By

As spring arrives, we’ve realized how much we missed the Vitamin D, warm weather, bright flowers and beach days. Most people would agree that those are their favorite things about the season. However, for many cleaning professionals, spring cleaning is their favorite part of the season. People get that itch to suddenly cleanse their homes of

Get Rid of any Body Soaps That Contain These Ingredients

In today’s world, there’s a movement toward more naturally-derived and healthy products. This movement includes everything from switching to a holistic or raw diet to purchasing more sustainable, organic and environmentally-friendly products. At the end of the day, these choices benefit both us and the environment. It also forces us to check labels on the

5 Ways To Avoid Getting Ripped Off In a Rental Car

We often hear horror stories of people who rent cars only to walk away with an experience akin to something out of a bad comedy. They get stuck with a small vehicle with 5 kids in tow, they get a flat and are stranded because they were told roadside service would be covered and it’s not

How To Spot a Fake GoFundMe Campagin

It’s always nice to be able to donate money to an organization or cause that you believe in, particularly when it benefits the less fortunate or those that don’t have voices. Technology has allowed us to become more connected and informed about issues that could benefit from our support. GoFundMe, in particularly, strives to help

9 Kitchen Related Cleaning Hacks

Spring brings fresh air, flourishing plants and a new start in tow when it arrives. You’re re-energized to tackle that garden and you’re ready for bright and sunny days. However, two dreaded words also come with this season: spring cleaning. While it’s not mandatory that you participate, spring’s vigor usually inspires everyone to purge their homes

12 Ways To Use Aspirin That I Never Expected

When I think of Aspirin I think of those BAYER commercials where they teach you about how aspirin is good for your heart. I always remember there being aspirin around the house as a kid. I never touched it of course, but I often wondered why there was so much of it and apparently, the

5 Things Our Grandma’s Told Us That Are Crazy But True

Who doesn’t love unsolicited advice! It seems that no matter what the situation, what the circumstances there is always a weird piece of advice that is thrust upon us, usually by a well-meaning older person. We know those conversations. They all start with “Back in my day…” We all love our grandmothers for their years of