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Transform an Apartment into a Homestead

We all have obligations to our career and family. Even though we may want to live a more self-sufficient and natural life, these obligations are what keep us in the city where we don’t have the space or ability to build a homestead. You may have goals to create your own homestead at some point

Your Guide To Raising Pigs in a Humane and Healthy Way

One of the most attractive reasons for switching to a rural life is its distance from the chaos of densely-populated cities. You have your own peaceful sanctuary. However, the sanctuary also comes with its own responsibilities that you wouldn’t face in an urban environment. These responsibilities include creating your own power source, finding a way

How Tallow Can Be An Everyday Staple

If you live off the grid or on a homestead, then your goal is to a create the most self-sufficient and resourceful life you possibly can. After all, your survival depends on it. A way to reach your goal is by being innovative and using all parts of your farm to the fullest, including all