Build This DIY Hot Tub Before Summer Ends

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  • Many of us dream about going on a tropical vacation that takes us away from the stresses and commitments of everyday life. We constantly promise ourselves that we'll start planning and saving next month, but we never seem to get there. The tropical vacation, and the relaxation that comes with it, continue to be pushed lower and lower on the priority list.

    Instead of having to go through the planning and spending process that a vacation requires, there's a way to make your home more of a vacation: a DIY hot tub. This hot tub construction process not only shows you how to make the tub itself (jets included), but it also includes instructions on how to create an enclosed space with a sky roof. It's the ideal tropical oasis that doesn't force you to get on a plane or spend a bunch of money.

    Continue on to learn how to make your own hot tub before the warm months end!

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