Bee Aware: Most Homesteaders May Already Know This But I Was Surprised

  • Bees have been in the news the past few years in regards to their decline. It seems that this winged creature is falling off the face of the earth faster than we initially thought. The battle to keep the bees buzzing is now in full swing. People everywhere are learning the lost art of beekeeping.

    Not only are bees a great benefit to the environment around them they are also a great source of income for their production of honey. Honey has many uses and now homesteaders, farmers and urbanites alike are trying to capitalize on this benefit. Making an income while making an impact, sounds like a pretty good way to live and the best part is you don't have to live out in the country to keep bees. However, if you reside in an urban or suburban area, you'll want to be aware of laws in your community that govern beekeeping.

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    1. Chris Nichols said:

      The bees in the southwest desert are halfbreeds of the old lazy Italian bee, and the aggressive Africa bee.
      The cross breed is a delightful, and robust busy bee.
      Bee keepers now have too drive more, keeping hives separated, but the new bee’s fill the hive with honey in just weeks. The bee’s buzz about the city single file, strait from frower to frower. The curious old bee’s were scarier.