Become an Expert at Situational Awareness Like Jason Bourne

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  • We all flock to spy and thriller movies because they not only keep our eyes glued to the screen, but they make us think about what we would do with the capabilities the characters have. We want to have those extraordinary talents that make our favorite movie plots so enthralling.

    Many people would agree that some of those favorite thrillers would be the Jason Bourne series. We go on a journey with him as he battles and evades the CIA and uses some clever techniques to do so. While we initially watch these movies for our entertainment, we can also add it to our prepping to-do list. Jason Bourne can teach us more than a few things about survival and situational awareness that can keep us alive when SHTF.

    Keep reading to learn how you can have the same expert situational awareness that Jason Bourne has!

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    1. Francois Cronje said:

      I don’t want to be like Jason Bourne!
      I don’t need to know who turned me into a psychotic freak.
      I ALREADY know.
      It was my ex…

    2. Graham Wright said:

      Play ” Kims Game ” to sharpen up your observation , scan a room that you enter & make a mental note of everything then leave the room and describe the room in detail onto a voice recorder . Re enter the room and see what you got right & wrong . In reality you don’t get second chances so practice makes perfect .

    3. Chris Weichler said:

      Been practicing SA since in the military…Have taught all my children as well…Wife knows too…!

    4. Bart Man said:

      Situational awareness, the most important thing in life lessons, whatever you do!

    5. Jeff Taylor said:

      Living tough, waiting to get into the inevitable fight taught me how to be alive.. now, years later I still have eyes in the back of my head.

    6. Scout Driskell said:

      He is a liberal snowflake actor who wants guns banned.
      Im sure this pos knows very little about true situational awareness.