Bear-Proof The Campsite Using These DIY Food Canisters & Storage Tips

  • As you're prepping for an extended camping trip, you're considering all of the situations you could face. You'll look ahead at the weather, become familiar with the terrain and learn which plants are edible just in case you need them as an emergency food source.

    One of the reasons you may need to call upon your edible plant knowledge is due to bears. You never know when you could be sleeping soundly in your tent or hammock, just to realize that in the middle of the night a bear walked into your campsite and stole your beloved food. Suddenly, your relaxing camping trip turns into a struggle since you're unsure where to get your food. There's even a scarier issue you have to deal with: how to stay safe in the presence of a bear. Instead of worrying about this scenario, you can learn where to place your food and how to build a bear-proof canister to keep your food off a bear's radar.

    Continue on to learn everything you need to know about bear-proofing your campsite along with how to build your own food canister!

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    1. Mark Whelan said:

      No such thing as “Bear-proofing”. You may make it less attractive but if there is anything anywhere they may destroy the whole camp to get at it.