Are Cell Phones Spying on Us? Here’s How to Tell & Prevent

  • Our lives seem to be centered around our phones. They come with us everywhere and some of us probably even sleep with them. We have the ability to access our favorite people, news, social media applications, games, photos and much more by swiping along our phone's screen. We can get so distracted by the amount of information we have access to that we forget who or what has access to our information.

    We're all so glued to our phones and use it to harbor everything from our bank information to passwords. As a result, doesn't it make sense to think that someone might be using the device to spy on us? Maybe we are uninformed about that possibility or maybe we just don't want to think about something so intrusive happening to us. Either way, there are methods to ensure that our privacy is not breached through a piece of technology that is essential to our modern day lives.

    To learn about how to prevent your phone from being used as a monitoring device, keep reading!

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