A Fan if Property Brothers? I was Surprised to Hear Them Say This

  • HGTV has an entire array of shows that take us through the many stages you experience with your home: from the house search to the buying process to the renovation decisions to the decorating phase. These events are typically stressful and being able to watch someone else conquer those battles is both entertaining and inspiring. These characteristics are what cause us to end up watching several episodes of House Hunters in a row without ever realizing the day is slipping by quickly. Has anyone ever been there?

    Even if you only watch HGTV every once in awhile, you have still almost definitely come across the show Property Brothers, which features Drew and Jonathan Scott. They pit the renovation and buying processes against one another by each trying to convince a couple that they should either remain in their renovated, newly-decorated home or sell it to purchase another home completely. So, it's safe to say that we can trust their advice when it comes to everything house.

    To learn which home trend they wish would disappear, continue reading! It might surprise you!

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    1. Laura Brown said:

      They aren’t entirely wrong if they are talking about building codes that they have to go by for a usual home. I’ve seen plenty of small homes, the ones on wheels, and haven’t seen any smoke detectors on the ceilings/sides/whatever. The codes for those homes are different than the codes for a non-mobile small home.

    2. Michelle Johnston said:

      I don’t think it needs to go away as much as it needs to be reworked. A large home takes up a lot of ones free time. Time they can’t spend on pursuing interests, being outside. Tiny has a purpose.