9 Skills From History That Every Prepper Needs Today

  • When we look back at history and hear about the things that they accomplished it often boggles the mind at how they were able to do some of the things they did without the luxury of modern convenience.

    Yet they survived- heck we are where we are today because they paved the way for us.

    Yet as time went on traditional survival skills began to slip away and are now thought of as the lifestyle of a bygone era. However, if you are planning to live off the grid or want to prepare for a total societal collapse when SHTF, these old-time skills could mean the difference between life and death

    These were ordinary common techniques that were as common as anything we do today. They were not labeled survival skills or considered outdated to our grandparents and great grandparents it was simply considered living.

    So let's look at 9things that were once as common as checking your text messages and see if we have what it takes to survive.


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