8 Clever and Unique DIY Recycle Projects for Spring

  • Do you ever wonder what happens with all of the products and materials that you recycle? Once they're in your recycling bin, they go off to some far away land in the hopes that a company or manufacturer will turn them into something new. Who knows if they even get recycled at all?

    Instead of sending your recyclable products off (which is still a great effort to help the environment), we can tap into our creativity to turn them into things we can use in our own homes. We can do the recycling by ourselves. There are plenty of DIY recycled projects out there, particularly if you stop by Pinterest. The ones we're sharing are great for spring because they can be used for backyard landscaping or parties. These DIYs not only allow you to help the environment, but they also help you to save money since you're repurposing old materials.

    Take a look at these easy and inexpensive DIY recycled projects!

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