7 Unique DIY Fire Pit Ideas Anyone Can Create

  • Since you want your backyard to look as inviting and relaxing as the inside of your home, these DIY fire pit ideas give you several options. My personal favorites are the modern-looking ones, but there are many other ideas if your home is either more traditional or rustic. There's a project for everyone!

    1. Modern Stone Fire Pit

    You just have to build a large concrete bowl, and you’ve got yourself a movable pit that can also be a decorative piece in your backyard!

    2. Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

    According to the House and Fig’s tutorial, the holes already embedded in the drum aren’t just good for a light show, they also allow oxygen to flow freely inside the drum, making your flame last longer.

    3. Flower Pot Fire Pit

    For this design, you will only need a readily available copper tubing and fittings.You need to have a bit of knowledge in welding to do this.

    4. Wash Pail Fire Pit

    Renew Redo provides detailed instructions on how to make this clever DIY fire pit design.

    5. Modern Steel Fire Pit

    Try a DIY fire pit made out of steel, like the one The Brick House made. It may be a bit more expensive than the others on this list but its minimalist design can give your backyard an edgy look.

    6. Gas Fire Pit

    This DIY fire pit design may also require you to shell out more cash but its unique look will give your friends something to talk about while having a cold beer this summer. See how it can be done here.

    7. Flameless Kids’ Fire Pit

    An awesome fire pit doesn’t need to have real flames. This one is the perfect design for your kids and their friends without the risk of them getting into an accident. Just follow the steps here.

    Have you tried any of these DIY fire pit ideas in your own backyard? Which idea is your favorite?

    Article and Photo Source: DIY Projects