7 Things To NEVER Eat in The Wild

  • There are things that you do when in survival mode that you would not normally do and this includes eating things that you would never before consider eating.

    Too often people assume that things are safe to eat simply because they “look” like they would be consumable however it is often those very things that are the most deadly.

    When the body goes into starvation mode the desire to consume becomes your greatest weakness. Your mind slows down and your ability to make rational decisions is blurred by the pangs of hunger. And in those moments the risk of death is nothing compared to the threat of dying of starvation.

    There is another way. We will show you some of the things that you do NOT want to eat when out in the wild. These are sure fire killers that will harm even the strongest of systems.

    So after the break check out 7 things a person should never, ever eat in the wild. 

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