6 Mistakes To Avoid Out In The Wild

  • We are in a great place right now. I know that some of you, if not many of you would disagree with me on that fact but I say it is great because right now we are still in the calm before the storm.

    This should be great news to many of you as it means that there is still time to prepare, practice and get everything together that will be needed should the worst occur.

    There is also one fatal flaw that many make when trying to prep and that is they fail to reconize their own weaknesses and fix them before SHTF. This could mean anything from a weakness in a bug out or bug in plan, a weakness when it comes to food prep or a weakness when it comes to mentally preparing for the kind of life that we may have to live one day.

    So let's look at 7 mistakes that we  (myself included) may make that could do some serious harm to ourselves and our family after SHTF.

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    1. Jay Ratliff said:

      Number 1 mistake in that picture would be, being the slowest in the group.

    2. Rusty Cox said:

      Guy falling down, high five giving up your life to save the other stooges!