7 Life Hacks We Learned From The Great Depression

  • These life hacks cover everything from food to homesteading to health. Whether you’re on a budget or are just looking to save more money, these hacks will teach you how to get the most out of the items you do end up purchasing.

    1. Add Salt To Coffee Grounds

    Instead of splurging on fancy grounds, they would buy the cheap stuff and use salt to reduce the bitterness, which sounds like it would only make it more bitter but apparently not!

    2. Treat Coughs With Onion Syrup

    It might seem hard to swallow, but this home remedy was used often rather than spending money on medicine or a trip to the doctor.

    They would combine red onion, honey, and sugar in alternating layers in a jar and use the extracted liquid for their pesky coughs. While this should never take the place of a doctor trip today, it is a home remedy that many folks swore by.

    3. Hang Wet Sheets Over Doors To Cool Down

    This handy — and free — trick was often used back in the day to help cool down all the hot air flying around in the summer months.

    4. Put Soap Slivers In A Mesh Bag

    Gathering the slivers in a porous bag made sure they got every last ounce of suds!

    5. Grow Groceries With Old Veggies

    Folks reused the stalks from old veggies and herbs to keep their garden full with seasonal goods all year round.

    6. Add Lentils To Meat Dishes

    Since meat was considered an extravagance at the time, families would often pad their meals with cheaper oats and grains to still get plenty of protein.

    7. Use Homemade Toothpaste

    Instead of heading to the store for powders or paste, they would grab some baking soda, salt, and peppermint oil from the kitchen to scrub their teeth with.

    Do you have any other life hacks that were taken from the depression era?

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