6 Genius Egg Substitutes To Can Use If There Are No Eggs

  • If you looked in your fridge now, chances are you’d have a carton of eggs sitting in there. They’re great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you live on a homestead and own chickens, then you even get to enjoy fresh eggs.

    However, there’s a movement toward living a more plant-based diet that avoids consuming any animal products, including eggs. Even if you’re not plant-based, you might need to stay away from eggs for health reasons. You may also find yourself needing to bake a cake only to discover you don’t have any eggs left in your kitchen. All of these are reasons to learn about egg substitutes!

    Continue on to learn which products are the best alternatives to eggs!

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    1. Philip Natale said:

      I promise you, it’s a lot easier getting your hands on eggs than any of the stupid ‘substitutes’ you mention. Eggs are everywhere. Banana trees are not.