5 Tips For Hunting Morel Mushrooms Which Sell For a Surprising Amount

  • You probably expect that mushrooms aren't exactly the most exciting target for a hunting expedition. However, you might change your mind when you hear that they can be sold for $50 per pound during their off-season and are considered a delicacy of the forest. They bring an earthy and nutty flavor to any meal as well. Is that enough to make you throw on some outdoor clothes and head out to your nearest wooded area?

    Morel mushrooms are tricky fungi hence their high selling price. They have a short growing season so you have to act fast and strategically. It's also crucial to keep in mind that other types of mushrooms look similar to the morel mushrooms, but are mildly toxic or poisonous altogether. This complication adds to the difficulty of morel mushroom hunting. Always use a guide to differentiate between the dangerous and benign types. When in doubt, just leave it in the forest and move on.

    Let's take a look at 5 tricks for hunting morel mushrooms!

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    1. Jamie Norris said:

      Look in burned areas that have had two years or more to recover, but not enough time for undergrowth to smother them out.

    2. Robin Whittington said:

      I lived in IL when young. Our family went mushroom hunting a lot.
      Ppl look at me so strange when I tell them this.

    3. Jesi G said:

      Very dicey business. They have quite a few poisonous cousins

    4. Curtis Gay said:

      yummy went out turkey hunting last week but still too cold. also after a burn they are abundant fyi