5 Things Our Grandma’s Told Us That Are Crazy But True

  • Who doesn't love unsolicited advice! It seems that no matter what the situation, what the circumstances there is always a weird piece of advice that is thrust upon us, usually by a well-meaning older person.

    We know those conversations. They all start with “Back in my day…”

    We all love our grandmothers for their years of wisdom and their willingness to always give us guidance. We trust them because they’ve been through many different experiences and situations that result in such sage advice. Sometimes, though, we think they take it too far by offering “age-old advice” that often rhymes or sounds ridiculous in today’s society. We might write it off and kindly nod our head in agreement while silently thinking that it can’t be true.

    Despite what our gut says, some of these old wives tales told by our elders might actually be valid. Maybe our grandmothers aren’t as crazy as we think they are. After all, these tales have stayed alive for a reason: there may be some truth to them! Before we had the internet and modern technology, people had to rely on word of mouth for cures or telltale signs of a situation’s outcome. These tales have been passed down from generation to generation and because of their potential validity, we will probably continue to relay them.

    To see which tales are surprisingly true, continue reading!

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