5 Screwdriver Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

  • By the time we are 8 years old most of us knew how to use a screwdriver. We were introduced to them at a young age in various toy tool boxes, cartoons and action figures. Most people by a certain age know the difference between a Phillips head screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver and chances are you have one laying around in your home probably tucked away in a tool box or in my case, laying in various junk drawers around the house.

    What we didn't know is that there are many other things that we can do with screwdrivers. In fact, humans are so ingenious and creative there are a plethora of ways we can use this tool outside of its normal directions that are on the packaging.

    So in an effort to save you some time we have compiled a list of 5 ways you can use a screwdriver that you never before knew were possible.

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    1. Robert Zlotow said:

      Screwdriver hack? Easy. Put them away and get out your impact driver. LOL!

    2. Barry Williams said:

      Wow. When I was growing up my dad taught me to use a screwdriver to put the whole story on ONE DAMN PAGE !!!!!

    3. Barry Williams said:

      I remember my dad always used a screwdriver to PUT THE WHOLE STORY ON ONE$#%&!@*PAGE !!!

    4. Tom Mark said:

      We have an old screwdriver just like one of those at work.