5 Poisonous Plant Families Every Survivalist Should Know About When Living Off The Grid

  • If a collapse occurs and you have to live off the land, here are five poisonous plant families you should be aware of!

    When a disaster happens such as a major power outage for weeks or methods or a hurricane causing floods and damage, staying in your home may not be the safest option. You may need to bug out and live off the land. If you have plenty of food, water, and supplies, then you have a great start to surviving.

    However, living off the land also requires that you know about the environment around you. You also have to know where to find food and water, how to make a shelter out of natural materials and which plants contain poison and should be avoided. Once you know about poisonous plants and how poisonous they really are, you will be better prepared for any situation.

    To learn more about five poisonous plant families every survivalist should know about, please head on over to the next page.

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    1. Sharon L. Perry said:

      Luckily we don’t have to await many years of research by NAS to find out, if indeed, these plants are poisonous or we would all be dead by now

    2. Victoria Madigan said:

      Please post better pics next time informative but for city dwellers this won’t due thanks

    3. Norma O'Neal said:

      That actually looks like Poke Salat and Berries sfter it’s got to big to eat.

    4. Woden Muninn said:

      Just why do you make it necessary to click through multiple pages to read one article?

    5. Bill Mercer said:

      Why if you are giving a warning to people why don’t you post pictures. Dumbass!

    6. Matt Schultz said:

      I agree Sam, the article is pretty us less without pictures. Good thing my library has a few guides with pictures and regions where plants are typically found.

    7. James Tollison said:

      I once heard it said that there is no insect, shellfish, fish, reptile, amphibian, bird, or mammal on the North American continent that will harm you if you eat it. But there are hundreds of species of plants that will kill you dead as a doorknob.