5 Ingenious Survival Uses for Bamboo

  • When we are looking at creating a world where we can survive in post-collapse or off the grid completely we have to start thinking outside the box. There are many things that grow around us that can be used in various ways. We often overlook these things because we simply lack the know how to utilize them.

    I was in such a position a few weeks ago.

    I recently purchased a home where the owner had on the land some Bamboo. It flanked the edges of our property line beautifully and the way he had it set up you could tell it was intentional. I began to wonder how I could utilize this resource as more than just a barrier. There was plenty of it so I began to do some research.

    In my reading, I found 5 amazing things that we could do and I plan on doing all of them however I will start with number 4.

    So listen up as we look at not only how you harvest Bamboo but what to do with it once you do. 

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