5 Clever Ways to Use Onions Besides in Our Meals

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  • After reading the hacks below, you may find yourself buying an extra onion or two at the grocery store just in case you run into any of the below issues. If you grow onions yourself, then these are also great ways to use excess onions that you can’t eat or sell!

    1. Remove rust

    Put down that steel wool and stick your rusty knife or scissors into a big onion three or four times.

    Be careful not to cut your hand, though. Your super-rusty knives might need a half-dozen thrusts to remove that oxidation, but this works surprisingly well.

    2. Remove splinters

    Simply tape a piece of onion over the splinter. Leave it there for two or three hours. When you remove the onion, the splinter should be gone.

    3. Insect and animal repellent

    If neighborhood cats or dogs find your garden attractive, then put a few slices of onions in the area that they frequent. This also works for ants, although you must replace the onion slices every few days.

    4. Ease congestion from colds

    Put two or three big slices of onion in a jar of honey and let it set for a few hours. A big tablespoon of that “onion honey” is all you need!

    5. Easier wintertime driving

    You can easily stop frost from forming on the windshield of your car by cutting an onion in half and rubbing the cut half on the glass the night before.


    Have you used an onion for any of these hacks? What else can they be used for?

    Article Source: Off The Grid News