5 Auto Repair Tips Straight From Professional Mechanics

  • Here are a few of our favorite professional mechanics' tips. They make maintaining your vehicle so much easier!

    Rubber Band DVOM Mode Reminder
    When using a DVOM (Digital Volt-Ohm Meter), it’s easy to leave the leads in current-reading mode which can cause real problems if you try and test voltage on the meter. The least you can do is blow the meter’s fuse, the worst is short out an expensive electronic part, like a power-train control module (PCM). To give yourself a reminder that you’re in Amperage/Current mode, place a rubber band over the dial. This way, when you go to use the DVOM again, the band over the dial reminds you to switch the red lead back to voltage detection mode before testing.

    Securing Ramps That Want to Travel
    If you’re trying to drive your car onto some portable shop ramps and the ramps keep sliding away from the front wheels on the smooth floor of your garage, tie some nylon strapping to the holes in the ramps and situate the other ends so that your back wheels roll over them. And up the ramp you go.

    Using Wax to Free a Frozen Bolt
    Here, you heat the frozen nut with a torch and then melt candle wax into the bolt threads. Repeat as needed until the nut can be worked free.

    Rolling Parts Trays from a Tranny Pan
    Matt took an old transmission pan and welded some small casters on it to make a shop-floor rolling parts tray.

    Holding a Bolt in a Wrench
    This one is a keeper. To hold a bolt in a wrench or extension when you need your other hand free, put a little chunk of paper towel over the head of the bolt before slipping it onto the wrench. This will create a friction fit tight enough to hold your bolt but loose enough that you can easily pull the wrench away when the bolt is secure.

    What are some of your favorite vehicle maintenance tips? Share your thoughts in the comment section below so others can learn from your experiences!

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