4 Myths About Bartering That are Simply NOT True

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  • Bartering used to be a way of life and in many ways, it is still. Whenever we got to car lots, yard sales, pawn shops you will find many people haggling for what they want. Today it is known as negotiating but the idea is still the same.

    It used to be that bartering was the only way to get something that you needed. Before commerce today as we know it became what it is our grandfathers and great grandfathers would haggle their way to success and some were extremely good at it!

    While today's method of telling me a price and I will pay it is a little more convenient, we may at some point soon be thrust back into the world where haggling is a way of life.

    So what did our forefathers do? How did they succeed?

    Well, the first step to finding out the secrets t their sucess is looking at what haggling it NOT. So keep reading and let's take a look at the 4 most common misconceptions that surround haggling.

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