4 Economical Guns Everyone Should Add To Their Bug Out List

  • One of the first and foremost things that everyone thinks of when it comes to prepping is protection.

    Usually, what I have found is that most preppers are already avid hunters or have some form of interest in weaponry. Yet, from time to time, I come across those who are just getting started and they may not know which way to look when it comes to this form of protection.

    While it seems that there is no such thing as “cheap ammo” there is definitely less expensive ammunition and this is where I would advise that those who are just starting out begin. I would also highly recommend taking a concealed weapons class and brushing up on your local and state laws.

    There have been mixed reviews of this list as, well frankly it's based mostly on price point so it will take you actually going out to a reputable gun distributor and speaking with them directly to find what works best for you but this gives you an idea of where to start.

    And if you already have your gun collection started you may want to think about adding these to the list.

    So keep reading and let us know what weapon(s) you feel are the most economical in regards to ammunition and quality!

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