14 of the Most Awesome Spring Backyard Projects

  • Spring is officially here so it's time to transform our homes to match the brightness and freshness of the season. This includes your backyard. If your yard is like mine, then during the winter it became dull and lifeless. Now is the time to make it an oasis again! Where do you begin?

    Your backyard is like a clean slate after the cold months. You know you want to liven it up and create a unique and inviting space, but you might not know what your options are. If you have kids, you may want to create a play space that keeps them busy. If you entertain often, then you may want to construct additional seating for your guests. If you love gardening, then you might want to build a garden planter or bird bath.

    Let's take a look at 14 projects you can complete to make your backyard your favorite space!

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