12 Easy Ways To Ensure Gardens Stay Organic & Rodent-Free

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  • There are many benefits to creating a garden, such as being able to watch those tiny seeds become full-fledged plants that you can use as decoration, as a source of income or as an addition to your daily meals. However, even those with green thumbs have faced plenty of obstacles when it comes to planting. The location, soil, fertilizer choice and planting method are just a few of the hurdles a gardener must conquer.

    Another gardening pain the neck: rodents and other unwanted animals. Unfortunately, these rodents don't realize that your crops are for you and not them. Since you can't sit outside next to your garden all day on rodent patrol, you can rely on several other natural and easy-to-employ ways to keep animals like chipmunks away.

    So, let's take a look at 12 ways to keep rodents from trespassing on your garden without harming your plants!

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