10 Things To Have When The Power Grid Fails

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  • In this information age, we're able to learn about pretty much anything by either turning on our TVs or clicking our laptop's mouse. This includes being able to discern whether or not a potentially disastrous event, such as a hurricane or tornado, is going to affect us. We might even have time to quickly gather supplies for such a crisis.

    However, something we don't often consider when we're prepping is a power outage. It could come without any warning, particularly if it's been hacked. While many of us have experienced a power outage at some point in our lives, it was probably the side effect of a larger natural disaster. Unfortunately, the U.S. power system is now being targeted by enemies who are looking to cause chaos. Many experts are saying that it's not a matter of if the power grid is hacked, but when. In order to properly prepare for such an event, we have to stockpile specific items.

    Keep reading to learn 10 things you'll need to get through a grid-down situation!

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