This Survival Bracelet Keeps Rope Handy At All Times

  • A lost item is one of the major frustrations that can occur when in the wilderness. You can be sure you won't lose track of your rope along the way since it'll always be on your wrist. If you want to take a longer length of rope, you can make multiple bracelets for either yourself or your friends.

    Step 1

    • 10 feet of rope,
    • Matches,
    • Scissors.

    Finding THE Objects


    Step 2: The Length of Your Bracelet

    The Length of Your Bracelet

    Make sure it is a bit loose so you can put it on.

    Step 3: Starting to Weave

    Part One; Starting to Weave

    Tie the knot at the end so you can start weaving back towards the end of the loop

    Step 4: Weaving

    Part Two; Weaving


    Loop the right hand string over the two straight strings.

    With the left hand string, put it over the string, go under the the core strings, then through the loop. Pull tight.

    Keep doing this on the second one on each side.

    Step 5: Finishing the Bracelet

    Finishing the Bracelet



    You will need to cut the excess string off. Leave a little bit on the ends so you can melt it with matches.

    Use the ends so the bracelet doesn't come apart when wearing it.

    Step 6

    The LAST Step

    Melt both ends of the finished bracelet.

    Are you going to create this survival bracelet for your next outdoor trip?

    Article & Photo Source: Instructables