Why The Employees of One Company Have Agreed To Be Microchipped

  • As we make advancements in technology, we start to create new controversies. Self-driving cars, drone capabilities and artificial intelligence are just a few of the heavily debated topics. While it's always an impressive feat for the human race to create a new piece of technology, we have to be careful about what boundaries we're crossing in the process.

    Microchips are yet another innovation that require assessing. Some people believe that one day in the future, every human will be microchipped and tracked for security purposes. As you would expect, this expectation gives microchips a bad name. However, another company is using microchips for a much less controversial and much more convenient purpose. Surprisingly, many employees have already agreed to it!

    So, continue on to read what the microchips will be used for and why the majority of the company's employees are on board!

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    1. Kenneth Melcher said:

      the chip is the mark and the Beast is a super computer that can calculate trillions and trillions per second it has already been named the Beast which can keep track of every person on the planet that receives this Mark

    2. Anonymous said:

      Because thay think it’s cool. Let’s see how cool it is after death

    3. Martin Hauk said:

      It’s easy to talk big at your keyboard and say “NOT ME!” “I WON’T TAKE THE CHIP”!!!! But first consider just what that means. We are swiftly moving toward a system where cash will have NO value, in a world with one monetary system. You will not be able to buy or sell ANYTHING unless it is through the internet and the transaction is logged into the central database. Every PC, note book, smart phone, tablet, or whatever other electronic device the future holds will come with a built in chip scanner. Every private transaction will have to go through the system. If you sell your car to your neighbor, the sale will be through the chip reader in your mobile device and go on record. Every document that can be connected to you in any way will be in your file. You won’t even be able to buy the most basic necessities of life. No food. No shelter. No clothing unless the transaction goes through the internet. Why? Because there will be NO cash. Money will be transferred in and out of your account through the system and no other way. The technology is here and being put into place. I personally believe it will not be suddenly be forced on us, but rather SOLD to us, in the name of convenience. When they have 85% to 90% participation all cash will be declared worthless and the system will be made mandatory. That’s when the road will get rough. Just to help it along I believe there will be a world wide economic collapse that will make 1929 look like the glory days, and the “system” will be declared the only way out. This will cause a drastic alteration in our way of life. For quite some time now the financial industry has been steering us away from using cash and promoting the use of credit and debit cards in the name of convenience. There was one particularly blatant Target commercial depicting a check out line running like a well oiled machine, until someone wanted to pay in cash. Then the whole operation ground to a halt until after the cash transaction was done. Then it resumes its HIGHLY efficient operation. Now they are constantly touting the “smart cards” with the built in chip. This chip holds vastly more personal information than the old magnetic strip. Soon the implanted chip will be promoted heavily promising fast and easy access to all your financial, medical, and other personal information, which will be kept in a central database or network of databases. The beginning of this is all the promotion of storing our information in the “cloud”, on a computer that you don’t own and have no control over, in a location unknown to you. All this with the “promise” of security. I don’t think that the implanted chip will in fact hold all your information, rather it will be the key for you to access to the database that holds your info. This will all be promoted in the name of convenience, security, and ease of access. Once the vast majority of the people are on board with this and using this form of EFT, cash will be declared obsolete and worthless and this chip implant will be made mandatory as a total replacement for cash. Thereby ensuring that ALL transactions public or private will be monitored by the government. Once it is made mandatory it is quite conceivable that new born children will be required to receive a chip before leaving the hospital. However, considering the size of the chip, they may wait until the child has grown larger. As it is now they must receive a SS number before leaving the hospital. This too will be promoted in the name of safety and child identification. Although these are apparently positive aspects of this system, the system is incredibly vulnerable to government abuse and over reach. With a global government in control, and no one to stand against it, this system affords them tremendous power to wield over the populace. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am in NO WAY advocating taking the “mark of the beast”. I’m just warning you that we’re in for a VERY rough road ahead. Although we are moving in that direction I believe we need to have a global economy and world monetary system for this to happen on a world wide scale.

      As for my comment you can replace the word “chip” with any applicable technology that is developed. I don’t claim any special insight or knowledge. This is just my own perspective based upon my understanding of scripture and my observations over 40 years as a Christian.

    4. Wilmar Waning said:

      Pasti digenapi Firman Tuhan sudah disampaikan jauh-jauh hari sebelumnya jangan tertipu akan hal ini, percaya kepada Tuhan Yesus yang hidup, jangan percaya kpd dunia ini yang memberi kemudahan tetapi akhirnya bersama iblis sang penipu itu.

    5. Mike Colebank said:

      Y’all nuts!! Just another way for the government to spy & keep track of ya!

    6. Tim Brown said:

      Bob Zahn it’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought stupid than open it and take away all doubt

    7. Sherry Mattison said:

      Never never NEVER!!!!! I’ll be happy to remain 100% HUMAN thank you very much!

    8. Jodi Harrington said:

      32M (Three Square Market) should be shut down. Who is the scumbag that owns/started this company?

    9. Ozzyman OZ said:

      They are a few bricks shy of a load. Not playing with a full deck. As sharp as a bowling ball. A screw loose. Etc…….

    10. Rebecca Ward said:

      If anyone agrees to a microchip… They are the problem…….WTF is wrong with people

    11. Spike Speicher said:

      he shall force all to take his mark. and those who refuse the mark shall not be allowed to buy or sell anything. need you look further for an answer

    12. Ashok Mehta said:

      They should read Revelations 13:16, 17, and 14, : 9-11.This has been prophesied in the bible 2000 years ago, and it the antichrists seal 666. If you have it get rid of it.