5 DIY Projects That Transform Wood Pallets

  • Whether you need something for your bedroom or for your garden shed, these projects will give you inspiration you're looking for. The ideas don't end here, either! There are countless other DIY projects that call for wood pallets so you might find yourself completing more than a few of these, especially with winter coming!

    Many large retailers and distribution centers will let you haul away wood pallets they cannot use for free or for a nominal fee.

    Lots of companies re-use their pallets for return shipments. Always call first to see if pallets are available, and never assume that pallets stored outside at a facility are free for the taking.

    Pallets usually are marked with either the letters “MB,” which means they have been chemically treated with methyl bromide, or “HT,” which means they have been heat treated. Other pallets may have been pressure treated with preservatives.

    If you are planning a project for your garden or for the interior of your home, avoid chemically treated pallets and pressure-treated pallets.

    1. Vertical planter


    • one 25 inch x 38 inch pallet
    • roll of landscaping paper
    • sandpaper
    • staple gun and staples
    • hammer and nails
    • potting soil (2.5 cubic feet)
    • succulents, herbs or other small plants

    Water plants thoroughly and let the pallet remain horizontal for about two weeks. After plants begin to take root, you can hang it upright.

    2. Shoe rack

    Are shoes taking over your entryway? This idea is such a natural for pallets, you will wonder why you didn’t think of it before.

    3. Chairs

    Do you like the traditional styling of Adirondack chairs? You can make one yourself with a pallet.

    4. Garden tool organizer

    The slats in pallets make them a good choice for a garage or shed organizer for your rakes, shovels and other long-handled garden equipment.

    5. Pallet headboard

    Last but not least, you can use pallets to create a simple-but-creative headboard for your bed.


    Do you know of any other cool projects that repurpose wood pallets? Let us know in the comments below!

    Article & Photo Source: Off The Grid News