How a Wine Box Is Transformed into a Birdhouse

  • Birdhouses can be an expensive purchase, particularly if you have a large yard that seems to be popular with the birds. This wine box birdhouse will not only look cool and rustic, but it's a way to repurpose something that seems useless. Learn how to make it in a jiffy:

    All you need is a small wine box and a wooden dowel to get started.



    • pencil
    • ruler
    • small saw
    • drill
    • drill bits
    • scissors
    • thin but strong rope to hang
    • *the dowel should be about 1/2 an inch in diameter and be at least 4 inches long

    Step 1: Create Perch

    Create the Perch

    A) Slide lid off the box, pull out the handle.

    B) Flip upside down.

    C) Saw your wooden dowel, 4 inches long.

    D) Mark where 2 inches below the existing hole is.

    E) Make a small hole, then change your drill bit so that you are using one which has a slightly smaller diameter than your dowel.

    F) See if dowel fits.

    Step 2: Add New Handle

    Add the New Handle

    A) Put the lid back and drill two holes in the lid centered about 3 inches apart wide enough for your rope to fit through.

    B) Maneuver the lid half open with both holes still on the inside of the box, then thread the rope through the holes.

    C) Cut and tie the rope at whatever length.

    Step 3: Put in Your Backyard!

    Put It in Your Backyard!

    Would you make this wine box birdhouse for your backyard?

    Article & Photo Source: Instructables