A One Handed Bowline Might Just Be A Real Lifesaver And It Is Easy To Make!

  • If you are in a emergency situation, here is how to tie a one handed bowline knot to help you survive!

    When a collaspe occurs, we may find ourselves living off the land. This means we will most likely be close to a body of water. We might be trying to catch fish for food, or washing up. We might even have a boat or raft out on the water.

    So, what happens if you suddenly slip and fall into the water? Or if your boat tips over because of choppy water or a storm? This is when you will need to know how to tie a one handed bowline knot. This knot is easy to tie around yourself or a tree. This way you won't get pulled into the body of water and can wait to be rescued.  This just might be the most important survival skill you have!

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