With The Threat of a Nuclear War Which Cities are at Risk?

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  • This is not the first time that we have had the threat of nuclear fallout but from what I have heard from others who were around in the 50's and 60's the tension now is just as high as it was back then. People are scrambling and trying to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

    Dropping MOAB and hitting ISIS cells is the first real strong arm move that has been made and it was the shots heard around the world. Some cheered and some chastised but regardless of our personal feelings armies are now being gathered and deployed in record numbers.

    That got us to thinking: Should Russia or North Korea launch World War III what U.S. targets and cities would they most likely attack? Well, that would depend largely on the strategic outcome that is sought. So let's look at the varying risks:

    • For example, if anyone decided to first hurt the U.S. militarily and limit our ability to counterstrike, the most likely targets would be our largest military bases and nuclear mission facilities. Nuclear mission facilities would include ground-based missile silos, nuclear-armed submarines, and bases with nuclear-capable bombers like Whiteman Air Force Base in mid-Missouri, home to all of the B-2 stealth bombers.
    • But they could also decide that it would be better to hit major American cities instead, including – in no particular order:

    – Washington, D.C.

    – Houston

    – Houston– Denver

    – Philadelphia

    – San Francisco

    – Phoenix

    – Tampa

    – St. Louis

    – Minneapolis

    – Boston

    – Atlanta

    – New York City

    – Chicago

    – Los Angeles

    – Dallas/Fort Worth

    – Miami

    – Seattle

    This would be devastating, both in terms of casualties and long-term economics. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, though major American cities comprise less than 4 percent of the country’s land mass, they are home to nearly two-in-three Americans (62.7 percent, according to March 2015 figures). Of those, the congested East Coast would make a far more tempting target, given that “cities with the largest land areas are mostly in the West and have fewer people per square mile,” the Census Bureau said, adding that “population density in cities is 46 times higher than the territory outside cities.”

    Today Vice President Pence issued his own warning to North Korea: “The era for strategic patience is over.”  I guess it's a good thing that we are all prepared.


    Source: SHTFPlan

    Video Source: Washington Post







    1. Shawne Dickerson said:

      Dothan is at risk. We got Farley Nuclear Power Plant nearby us. A direct nuke strike there and were toast. So I’m a danger zone where I’m living.

      • John said:

        Why remind the enemy of your area on an open forum?

    2. Glenda Hardy said:

      LA?? San Francisco?? Portland?? Seattle?? Chicago?? Baltimore?? Detroit?? St. Louis?? NYC?? DC??

    3. Steve Mcmillon said:

      where all the liberal trouble makers live I hope they have aplan to get the hell out of there !

    4. Joshua Garrett said:

      If anywhere in America is hit I hope it’s California! Dumb$#%&!@*liberals are terrorists!

    5. John Calabrese said:

      Get real 3 or 4 of these modern day weapons kills EVERYONE, NO ONE WILL DEPLOY ITS SUICIDE!

    6. Tim Hubbard said:

      Pretty easy- just look at the electoral map and avoid the little blue spots.

    7. James Stratton said:

      Russia has thousands of strategic nukes so they can hit everything important and still have thousands of weapons in reserve.

    8. Richard Bundy said:

      Kinda strange that every city named voted Demo-RAT. So, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Hmmmm very interesting……

    9. Blake Davis said:

      All of them. These old scenarios are based of blast radius of 1 megaton bombs (fat man and little boy). None of the bombs now are that small. 75-100 megaton. It doesn’t matter where you live, it’s a zero survival game if this happens. Enough of these bad boys to like the planet 7 times completely. If you do survive you will the blast, you will freeze to death in a nuclear winter. If you survive that, you will die of cancer or radiation poisoning.

      Oh, I forgot the atmosphere would be vaporized. No air. You have jess than 5 minutes

    10. Cee Boyd-Keenan said:

      Atlanta has the busiest airport in the Union. Yesterday the power went out at 1pm. No landings or departures until today when the power finally got back on. They say a fire was started that caused the backup power to be inefficient. They are being tightlipped about what started the blackout. It was DEFINITELY a terror attack.