With The Threat of a Nuclear War Which Cities are at Risk?

  • We do everything we can to prepare for the worst. We stockpile food, water, medical supplies and the like but in all honesty, I don’t know anyone who sits around actually wanting something to happen.

    Yet right now we find ourselves glued to our phones, tablets, and televisions wondering with the state of things in Syria, Russia, and North Korea how close we really are to an all out armageddon style battle with some very unstable world leaders.

    So who is really at risk should one of these tyrants decide to hit the launch button and send the world into chaos? Am I at risk? Are you?

    Let’s take a look at which cities are actually within range and which ones are the most at risk should the worst occur.

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    1. Shawne Dickerson said:

      Dothan is at risk. We got Farley Nuclear Power Plant nearby us. A direct nuke strike there and were toast. So I’m a danger zone where I’m living.

      • John said:

        Why remind the enemy of your area on an open forum?

    2. Glenda Hardy said:

      LA?? San Francisco?? Portland?? Seattle?? Chicago?? Baltimore?? Detroit?? St. Louis?? NYC?? DC??

    3. Steve Mcmillon said:

      where all the liberal trouble makers live I hope they have aplan to get the hell out of there !

    4. Joshua Garrett said:

      If anywhere in America is hit I hope it’s California! Dumb$#%&!@*liberals are terrorists!

    5. John Calabrese said:

      Get real 3 or 4 of these modern day weapons kills EVERYONE, NO ONE WILL DEPLOY ITS SUICIDE!

    6. Tim Hubbard said:

      Pretty easy- just look at the electoral map and avoid the little blue spots.