Want To Sleep but Can’t? Here’s What The Experts Say To Do

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  • In recent years we have found that sleep not only gives you the energy that you need but it also helps you maintain clarity of thought, ward off sickness and keep your health in overall good working order.

    There are many that feel that there is simply too much to do to waste time sleeping while others are praying for a small break in their day when they can sneak off and take a quick thirty-minute nap. I am one that I love naps. Hated them with a passion when I was young but then again I assume many children do but now, I love them.

    So what happens when you lay down to go to sleep at night and suddenly your brain screams out “FOOLED YOU” as you lay there staring at the ceiling counting the minutes until the alarm clock goes off?

    Well some sleep experts have some tips for you on how to get your body and mind to shut down so you can get some shut eye.

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