Use These 5 Tips To Keep Bees Far From Those Summer Plans

  • Since bee activity is the worst during the summer months, it’s the perfect time to try out these tips. It might require altering the way you manage food or react when you see a bee buzzing near you, but it will ensure that you don’t get tangled up with these ferocious insects.

    1. Watch out for nests.

    “Many bees that sting are triggered because they feel they and their nests are being threatened,” says Fredericks. If you see a lot of bees in the area, it may mean that there's a nest nearby. Call a local pest control professional to address the issue.

    2. Rethink the flowers near your patio.

    “Honey bees, for example, are drawn to wildflowers, lavender, sunflowers, goldenrod, honeysuckle, and herbs like chives, oregano, and thyme,” says Fredericks. Additionally, keep trash cans away from the patio area.

    3. Don't wear bee attractors.

    Avoid wearing floral patterns and sweet-smelling body sprays, lotion, or sunscreen. Unfortunately, there's no bug spray or herbal mixture Fredericks knows of that repels bees (although he recommends wearing insect repellent containing an EPA-registered active ingredient).

    4. Keep the food inside.

    Besides cutting down on the attractants for bees, serving things like your potato and fruit salad inside saves you the trouble of hauling the dishes out. “Clean up spills and crumbs from the table, and serve your drinks in clear plastic cups, since aluminum cans are good hiding spots for stinging insects,” says Fredericks. Even better than clear plastic cups? Cups with lids on them! And when you're done with the meal, dispose of any waste in tightly closed containers.

    5. Don't swing at a bee that's flying by!

    “It's natural for humans to want to swat stinging insects, but that actually further antagonizes them,” says Fredericks. Instead, “Slowly and calmly walk away or ignore it.” The bee should lose interest and fly away.

    Do you have any another tips for keeping bees away from your patio and picnic?

    Article Source: The Kitchn


    1. Stephen Orr said: one cares about the bees anymore?..cause I just got some seeds from Cheerios

    2. Fred Cadet said:

      If you’re concerned about bees, know this: Bees typically will not forage over a 6 foot fence that they can’t see through. It’s a natural behavior for bees. So if you’re concerned with bees, fashion up a fence of some kind and enjoy. No other steps would need be taken.

    3. Greg Cooper Sr. said:

      DO NO HARM, PLEASE. bess are dying at an alarming rate. shoo them or move, please don’t kill. no bees, no food, no humans!

    4. TJ Knutzen said:

      bees wont sting you just let them buzz around. Killing one releases a pheromone that tells other bees you are hostile.
      have fun, now you have made yourself a targeted foe.
      I have never had a problem with bees.

    5. John Parrish said:

      It’s usually those AHole wasps and yellow jackets that show up. Honey bees are too busy working. 🙂

    6. Bruce Lawrence said:

      Bees are not only harmless but beneficial and necessary. I’m highly allergic but I wouldn’t swat one fir any reason.