Turn These Wild Plants into Flour

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  • It’s difficult for us to imagine what life was like for many of our ancestors who lived centuries ago. We can read about them in history books and watch documentaries on their lifestyles, but we’ll never truly understand their day-to-day struggles due to the progress we've made as a human race.

    We rely on technology today to make our lives easier and more efficient. Even though technology gives us the ability to do many things, we can’t forget about the techniques of our ancestors and other groups like the Native Americans and Aztecs. They were able to harvest nature in order to provide their bodies with nutrients in the most pure way. They were even able to turn many plants into flour, which could prove a useful survival skill for us to learn whether we’re in the woods or live on a homestead.

    Keep reading to learn which wild plants can be transformed into a useful flour!

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    1. Louanne Knowles Burgess said:

      Lots of hard work! I made muffins from acorns they tasted fine, but it took a really long time to do all the steps. Took longer than I thought it would to find enough good acorns!