Trump Lifting Military Gear Ban For Local Officers

  • What some are calling a controversial move by the Trump administration others are calling a life-saving decision for the men and women who serve as police officers protecting the streets of our nation.

    In 2015 then President Barack Obama issued an executive order that halted the transfer of surplus gear from our nations' military to any police force.  This included items such as armored vehicles, grenade launchers, high-caliber weapons and camouflage uniforms. This order came directly following the controversy over the “militarization” of the police response to unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

    “These guidelines were created after Ferguson to ensure that police departments had a guardian, not warrior, mentality,” said Vanita Gupta, former head of DOJ's civil rights division under Obama and who now leads the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “Our communities are not the same as armed combatants in a war zone.”

    There are many ways that we can look at this situation. The National Fraternal Order of Police have some strong words about the prior administrations' decision and how this new change will affect our local police departments. So let's take a look at what the head of the NFOP and others had to say about this matter.

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    1. Nate Smith said:

      That happened 1 fucking time. They don’t need military hardware. They aren’t at war.

    2. Nate Smith said:

      To keep the public under the government’s boots. They know eventually some of us will come for them.

    3. Nate Smith said:

      Police can get camo uniforms though. Atlanta police wear them.

    4. Timothy Davis said:

      Michael Corey , over confident are we? Smh apparently you didn’t learn history! Sad

    5. Laney White said:

      I did not say they never take their power for granted, “too far.” I said they need it as it stands now, without the intention of power abuse and for valid reasons. But, i’m also a firm believer in the second amendment, and think if the military can have it, citizens should be able to have it. Obviously this debate of, to have or not to have, can go a thousand ways, with a thousand different what if scenarios, to be played out until the horse is so dead, it’s turned into oil for a distant future generation.

    6. Laney White said:

      And for that matter, the military having it is already a potential abuse of power threat. It’s not like the government has ever lied to the citizens right? Necessary potential evil, we give them the power in the hopes that they honor it and protect us from men who just want to watch the world burn. But, we all know that power could instantly be turned against the citizens.

    7. Douglas Oscar said:

      Lenny Clrk it’s simple really. Don’t break the law. It’s not a new concept

    8. Ryan Eubanks said:

      Michal and Dana. LEOs already have done it in other areas, during national disasters. Don’t be so foolish to not think it’s happened and happening little by little.

    9. Patrick Griffith said:

      yeah these conditions will definitely effect deliveries….lol.
      but through rain or snow or dark of night….

    10. Dave Harris said:

      Michael Corey law enforcement does a great job of denying people their rights as it is

    11. Dave Harris said:

      Alan Raymond Yates and yet they still violate people constitutional rights on a daily basis here.

    12. Eva After said:

      if you need military gear to protect yr banks, you might live in a totalitarian state

    13. Douglas Oscar said:

      Eva After youre an idiot. The gear is to protect the officers. They’re people too

    14. Chad Ehrnriter said:

      Douglas Oscar……no standing army……wtf do you think this is…..can’t handle the danger….don’t be a cop. Fireman are heros. You guys that need this shut are pussies.