This Compact Survival Item Is A Favorite Among Many

  • There are many things to think about when it comes to survival. Water, shelter, food and of course protection. Many tend to focus on the first three, which is a good thing but when it comes to the fourth, there's a large population of the United States that lacks in that area. Many feel that focusing on various ways and means of protection somehow makes you akin to a conspiracy theorist living in a small remote cabin yelling about how the governments sending drones after you.

    Trust us not all conspiracy theorist are survivalist/preppers and not all survivalist/preppers are a conspiracy theorist.

    When it comes to prepping, it’s important to arm yourself with the best weapons. Consider a weapon that is lightweight, portable and one that will get the job done.  While the options for weapons may seem overwhelming, there is one survival rifle that you can rely on during hard times. What makes this survival rifle different from the rest are its minimal features and accessibility. In this article, we'll learn about the best survival rifle that can help keep you and your loved ones safe during a crisis, so keep reading.

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    1. Anonymous said:

      The first gun I bought back in the 80’s as a teen. I remember it was $89 at KMart. I added a 25rd clip, scope and collapsible wire stock to it cause we were wanna be Rambos. Charter arms made them then. Barrel was steel lined aluminum, not polymer. It had a plastic spring guide that would twist up over time and cause issues if not aligned on reassembly. Mags were junk back then, sure learned to clear jams. Even throated the chamber slightly.
      Thanks for the memories

    2. Edward Albrecht said:

      This gun may have been an awesome weapon. However, it is now cheep junk. It’s constructed of cheep plastic. There is no substantial way to mount an optic. There is supposed to be an attachment to add for this; this attachment hasn’t been made since the early 80’s. this issue accentuates the biggest problem I have with it. The front site post is made of plastic and easily bends under normal use. I would hate to see what it does under the abuse it’s supposed to be made for. I highly recommend not buy this. Go with the ruger 10/22 break down you will be much more satisfied with your purchase.

    3. Joe Pruitt said:

      Used to own one. A good idea, but not executed well. Not very reliable or accurate.

    4. Nate Hufnagel said:

      I have a Henry AR7 in my B.O.B, worth its weight in gold, light weight, compact, a must have.

    5. Jo Roman said:

      Love the AR-7, great rifle for beginners and compact design makes it a perfect SHTF companion.

    6. Billy Jerkes said:

      The Henry AR 15 rifle is not meant to run a box of 500 shells through it. It is a survival item.
      I own one myself. If kept properly clean it is a very reliable rim fire rifle.

    7. Brent Morgan said:

      Survival rifles have been around since the 70’s, originally designed for downed pilots. There are now several different kinds to choose from.