These Signs Indicate That We Must Prep For An Economic Crisis

  • As preppers, we automatically stockpile in the event of an unexpected natural disaster or other physical danger, like civil unrest. However, we don't think about other aspects of life that could cause abrupt disruptions, such as financial dangers.

    There's an array of articles about what you need to prep for when it comes to natural disasters or other unexpected crises, but there's not as much information about how to prepare for an economic crisis. Since the country is in an uncertain and tumultuous state, it seems reasonable to start paying attention to signs that it could face an economic meltdown. If you notice the signs, then you can start gearing up for and prepping for the faltering of the economy, which could lead to many unknown and unpredictable consequences.

    To learn the current signs that indicate it's time to prep for an economic crisis, continue on!

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    1. Tommy Funk said:

      Until True Good American’s come to understand the real enemy we will continue to collapse.
      Destroy Islam and Liberalism with extreme prejudice or be devoured!